tip #1

“Quick Fix Solutions Result in Fleeting Results.”

Bigger picture strategies provide bigger picture results.

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I have struggled sticking to meal plans in the past, what makes this any different?

I believe in a flexible dieting approach, this means I engage you in learning how to achieve results whilst still enjoying foods you love. You will also learn how to eat out with confidence and eat best for your body type and training style. No foods are off limits and if you have any dietary requirements/intolerances/allergies we can work around it.

Your services are online, what kind of support/follow up will I get?

All of my clients get access to my online Facebook community where you will have access to support and encouragement from my other current clients as well as myself as I monitor the group daily. I am also contactable via email which I respond to within 24 hours. Further, depending on your service level your official check in will either be done fortnightly via web Submission or weekly via Skype with updates provided within 24 hours. I also require my online clients to submit regular training footage and progress photos for technique feedback and progress tracking.

Should I worry about what other people are doing with their training and nutrition?

As I mentioned previously, everybody is different. The best approaches for you will depend on a number of factors, including but not limited to – your profession/current activity level, your gym experience, your genetics, your current muscle mass, current food intake and dieting history just to name a few. I make a point of learning where you have been and where you are at before determining where it is best to head. I believe “what gets measured gets managed.”

How is your service different to a personal trainer or dietician?

I believe in providing a holistic approach. Generally, a dietician is qualified to provide nutrition plans in a clinical setting (often dealing with specific medical conditions) and will provide what foods to eat, how much and when. A dietician is also generally limited in their knowledge of exercise. On the other end of this, personal trainers are not qualified to provide nutrition plans like a dietician and receive minimal education on the subject of nutrition. Personal trainers also often work with people for the duration of a session not providing a plan for what to do in between or outside of this allotted time. I believe in providing you with guidance in both areas and engaging you in the process – helping you to educate yourself on how and what to eat as well as how and what to train so that you can sustain your results long term with or without me!

What are your prices?

I have multiple service offerings, and as I believe in finding the best package for your individual needs and goals, it is best practice to have a consult prior to providing exact prices to avoid overcharging. But for reference my packages range from $65 to $135 per week.

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