“While working with Jess, the results were amazing, the difference I saw not in the photos but in the mirror –WOW.

I started out like everyone else, going to the gym everyday pretty much with no direction, I had a goal in mind but wasn’t really achieving it, so instead of going back to google I thought I’d better talk to someone who knows what they are doing.

I wasn’t happy with myself. My confidence was nil but since working with Jess it has all changed, yeah the CM’s and weight that was lost but my biggest change has been in my mind and my confidence. I found it really challenging to start with, macro counting was very daunting as I had only read small parts on it. After the first 2 or so weeks it was easy to make sense of it all and it all seemed to fall into place. We are a family of 4 and I never had to make separate meals for myself.

After working with Jess I have a better understanding of “dieting”, yes you have to be careful and balance out your micros but you don’t have to watch what you eat. Like I said working with Jess I have a lot more confidence within myself and a better understanding about food in general.

I will definitely be working with Jess again in the future. No question is silly, she will always treat you like a friend, and she is a world of knowledge. Jess will never make you feel bad for having a bad week, Jess will always find a way that works for you.”

– Nicola McDougall, Online Coaching Client.





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